Legendary Gospel Singer Carman Asks Fans to Pray for Healing of Terminal Cancer: “This is a Battle. A War to Really Test Your Mettle.”

By Carlton Cook

Carman Licciardello, the recording artist and Christian evangelist who earlier this year revealed he has terminal cancer, asked for prayer on his Facebook page Saturday.

Carman said he would appreciate prayer that his medical team finds the right treatment formula.

"Everybody's different and you never know what the body will or won't respond to. Folks, this is a battle. A war to really test your mettle. I want to stop this everyday and pick it up another year. But I'm almost half way through. I have to find the strength somewhere to keep going."

Carman said he could never have imagined what he is currently experiencing after having his stem cells replaced.

He added, "They give you the heavy dose of chemo. It wipes out the cancer but also everything else, including white blood cells that fight off infection."

Carman said there's a 10-14 day time period while the stem cells are replaced that your immune system is completely disabled.

"Meaning if someone sneezes or coughs near you, you can catch a cold and literally die from it," Carman said.

"I've had my worst week ever," Carman said. "Nights where I laid in bed violently shivering for three hours at a time with a 104 temperature. Then I'd fall asleep and wake up enough to eat a few bites of something, then fall back to sleep."

Carman described Friday night. He wrote (sic), "Last night I slept for the past six hours sweating completely through my T-shirts - wake up change clothes - go back to sleep - did that five times. Body is rejecting extra fluids, I guess, pumped during all these transfusions."

Describing graphically how he feels, Carman said, "Like the Godfather after he was shot, lying in bed dreaming of sunny Corleone, Sicily. Running through the mountains and chasing the goat with the bell. Something that takes me far away from hospitals."

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