Longmire Season 5: Summer Production? News, Updates, Rumors, Spoilers

By Yumi Redfield

The fourth season of Longmire was released last September and with the lack of official news and updates for Longmire season 5, it seems that the Longmire fans’ PCSD (Post Cancellation Stress Disorder – yes, I made it up) has been triggered yet again. What are the news, updates, release date, rumors, spoilers for the upcoming Longmire season 5?

Since Netflix released the fourth season of Longmire last September, it is safe to assume that the fifth season of Longmire will be released that month too.

There have been rumors circulating recently that Longmire might start shooting for season 5 this spring. Hopefully, when production starts, there will be more updates for fans on what to expect in the upcoming fifth season of Longmire.

Although there isn’t any confirmed update regarding the fifth season of Longmire, there have been a lot of speculations and rumors to make up for it. It was early in the year when the official Facebook page of Longmire posted a picture of Walt and Vic with the caption, “What does the future hold for Walt and Vic?”

The reactions of the fans have been pretty interesting, those who have read the books from which Longmire originated from already knows what’s in store for Walt and Vic. Those who have been following the series, but has not read the source material, feels otherwise, thinking that Walt might just be too old for Vic.

Walt Longmire has definitely not been lonely, as before the fourth season of Longmire ended, he was having some intimate time with Dr. Donna Monaghan.

It is still unknown if Netflix’s Longmire will follow the source material or if they’ll have their own story when it comes to Walt’s relationships.

Another character that has recently been featured in Longmire’s official Facebook page is Lou Diamond Phillips’ Henry Standing Bear. The last Henry was seen, he had allowed himself to be arrested just to make sure that Gabrielle gets away.

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