Luke Walton Looks Forward to Rebuilding the Los Angeles Lakers Franchise

By Jeff Villanueva

He may be too young to become a head coach of an NBA team; in fact, his coaching career is still considered to be too young to handle a rebuilding team that hit rock bottom for two consecutive seasons now.

But hey, he's Luke Walton - a former Lakers player himself - is one of the most celebrated assistant coach in the NBA after leading the Golden State Warriors to a 24-0 win-loss start, 39-4 overall during Warriors head coach Steve Kerr absence due to medical issues.

And just recently, the Los Angeles Lakers announced that Walton will be the next head coach of the team - the only person they interviewed for the vacant position after bidding farewell with Byron Scott.

As insider sources revealed to Marc Stein of ESPN as posted on his Twitter account, "Luke Walton lands a five-year deal with the Lakers (four years guaranteed) at $5-to-6 million annually including incentives."

Luke Walton on Rebuilding the Los Angeles Lakers

Asked what he thinks about the current roster of players he will be handling upon resuming his role as Lakers head coach, Walton said, "I think they have some good, young, talented players," as posted on Lakers website. "Obviously you need to mix in some good vets with that to not only win, but to have players on the court that can help the young players grow. I'm excited about the players and the pieces there."

And while he has yet to assume his new role, the Western Conference Coach of the Month awardee for the months of October and November 2015 has taken his assignment seriously by getting the idea of what type of play the Lakers may be heading into based from its current roster, "I don't think the triangle's the most appropriate offense for the players that they have in place right there," Walton said.

The 36-year old upcoming Lakers coach added, "I think I'm gonna bring more of the style and spacing that we use up here, which has elements of the triangle in its philosophy. But it's more of the the style we play here at Golden State."

And he's admitted it's not going to be an easy task ahead, "The (challenge) here was to take a good team that had already established themselves and trying to make them great," Walton said. "With the team in L.A., we need to go down there and build a foundation. ... We're trying to set the foundation for how we want to play, what's acceptable, the style of play, how we compete - all these things."

Walton will assume the role as Lakers head coach until the very last game of the Warriors this postseason.

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