Man Eaten Live by Anaconda: Stunt Ends Up Being an Epic Failure

By Jasmine


In the special which aired over Discovery Chanel, Rosolie was supposed to go through the ordeal with the only protection was a so-called "snake proof suit" and lay in wait for the giant anaconda to consume. Sadly was planned to be a new age spectacle ended up as a fail and hurt the both the anaconda and the naturalist.

In the wild, anacondas of any size can easily kill and devour a large mammal. These particular breed of snakes have been documented in the past eating anything from large deers and pigs to the more predatory cats like tigers and jaguars. Surely eating an average sized human being would be nothing new for the anaconda.

The Discovery team spent thousands of man hours and went to tremendous lengths just to ensure that Rosolie would be able to pull off this amazing stunt. The snake proof suit producers had come up with took almost everything in consideration including the compression that comes with being eaten. The suit has also been designed to withstand the snake's stomach acid as well as the fangs. The only other thing they failed to look at was whether or not Rosolie would even look a tad interesting for the giant of the Amazon. Unfortunately for Discovery Channel and Rosolie, the answer to that was a resounding no.

Upon finding the anaconda of the right measurements, Rosolie approached the snake and tried to make it eat him. But looking like an Iron Man stunt double only made the poor anaconda scared for it's life. It tried to flee the scene and but Rosolie provoked it into taking the offensive. They got their goal but Rosolie was already suffering from being constricted so long that he had to 'tap out' so to speak and rescuers got him out of the anaconda's deadly grip.


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