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Manmin Central Church’s Celebrated 34th Anniversary

By the powerful ministry of the Holy Spirit countless souls coming to the bosom of the Lord!

Manmin Central Church's 34th Anniversary Celebration Service and Event Ended up with Success.

Manmin Central Church, which belongs to the United Holiness Church of Jesus Christ, celebrated its 34th anniversary on October 9, 2016, Christian Telegraph reports according to the Church press centre. The event was featured by more than 200 honored guests including religious, political, and economical leaders and missionaries from 21 countries including United States, Israel, Egypt, Russia, Kenya, and Japan. It was also translated into 9 languages including English, Russian, and French.


Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee, Senior Pastor of Manmin Central Church delivered the message entitled with "Glory" taken from Haggai 2:9 and explained about the 34 years of the history of Manmin Central Church accompanied with signs, wonders, and many other powerful works. And he gave glory and thanks to the almighty God for all these achievements. The celebration service was followed by a beautiful celebration performance titled with "Glory: Glorious New Jerusalem" in which believers have entered into the City of New Jerusalem, the most glorious dwelling place in Heaven, and express the heart of gratitude and joy at the heavenly banquet.

The celebration event presented a very high quality of Christian performance by Nissi Orchestra and Performing Arts Committee's performers and with the best stage featured with lighting, sound, video, special effects, etc. Dr. Andre Gasiorowski, Executive General Director of Helping Hand Coalition stated, "I've never seen such a beautiful performance. I felt like angels' music was ringing and I could feel the presence of the Lord. It was such an impressive performance byond description."

Bishop Girgis Morgan Boktor, Chairman of Pentecostal Churches of Egypt said, "I have attended many Christian events of world-renowned churches, but this is my first time to see such a great and magnificent event. I was so touched to see church members share love and serve each other. And I felt the deep aroma of humility from Dr. Jaerock Lee."

This celebration service and event was broadcast and webcast live to the whole world via the Internet and GCN (Global Christian Network) that is covering 170 countries through the satellites.

Since it offered the Establishment Service on October 10, 1982, Manmin Central Church has been growing so fast to be a mega-sized global church that has 11,000 branch and associative churches. Now the church is at the full-scale third stage of take-off and will achieve the national evangelization of Korea and world mission more powerfully with the fivefold gospel of holiness and the power of God.

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