Marijuana Tourism Colorado on 420, Easter 2014; Thousands Gather For Pot Holiday Rally on Easter Sunday

By Alma

Marijuana Tourism in Colorado is reaching an all-time high with thousands of cannabis fans joining the 420 Rally in Civic Center Park in Downtown. However, the gathering for Marijuana tourism enthusiasts also falls on Easter weekend, an unfortunate irony that has social media buzzing with jokes. 

"420 is on Easter. Blaze & Praise," @ToThePeopleHigh posted on Twitter. 

"Everyone's like "YEA 420!!!" And I'm like "yeaaaa Eastercandy!" another user: @perfgfprobs posted.  

"Sorry mom I can't come to Easter bc 420" paranoiddanielle said.

"YALL EASTER IS ON 420 JESUS IS WATCHING," @Yungfggot posted.

In any case, Colorado will be holding the Marijuana Tourism event, the 420 Rally, on April 19-April 20, 2014. According to a report from the International Business Times, this year's rally is expected to attract a record-breaking 100,000 people. The line-up includes performances by B.O.B, Wyclef Jean, political speeches, and "demos on marijuana culinary products," IBT reports. 

"While this year's rally is still a celebration of the marijuana culture and a protest against the federal prohibition against its use, our goal is to create a positive environment for users to share stories, learn about the industry and create informed opinions on the remaining issues facing the industry," said Miguel Lopez, founder of the 420 Rally in Denver, Colorado.

Recent stats reveal that searches for hotel availability around the "420" celebration has increased by 73% each year. According to IBT, hotel searches for Denver hotels in the first four months of 2014 have increased by 25% since last year. 

Marijuana is legal in Colorado, but still illegal under federal law. The state has several adult recreational vendors and shops and offers weed map apps for anyone 21 years or older. 

How will you be spending your Easter Sunday?



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