Maryland County Commissioners Agree to Obey Court Order to Halt Prayers in Jesus’ Name

By Jocelyn Hu

CARROLL COUNTY, Md. - County commissioners in Maryland narrowly voted this week to obey a federal court order that barred them from presenting public prayers in Jesus' name.

As previously reported, U.S. District Court Judge William D. Quarles, Jr., who was appointed to the bench by then-President George W. Bush, issued a preliminary injunction last month against sectarian prayers by Carroll County Commissioners. The American Humanist Association (AHA) had filed a lawsuit asserting that the Christian invocations violated the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution, which declares that "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion."

"[Commissioners must not invoke] the name of a specific deity associated with any specific faith or belief," Quarles ruled.

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