Megachurch Pastor Apollo Quiboloy allegedly smuggled over $100K out of the US

By The Christian Post

Pastor Apollo Quiboloy. | (Photo: Facebook)

Controversial Filipino megachurch Pastor Apollo Quiboloy, who was arrested by federal agents in Honolulu, Hawaii, last year after weapons and $350,000 were found on his private jet, has been accused of previously smuggling hundreds of thousands of dollars out of the country.

Quiboloy, who founded the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church, which he claims has 4 million tithing followers in the Philippines and 2 million more in other countries including the United States, allegedly smuggled money out of the country on two separate occasions in 2013 and 2014, Hawaii News Now reported.

Former church member Kristina Angeles said she witnessed Quiboloy and Felina Salinas, a manager for the Hawaii branch of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ Church, order “church members [to conceal] U.S. currency in black socks,” during the noted time frame, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Albanese wrote in court documents. “The socks were packed in a suitcase which was transported to the Philippines.”

Source:The Christian Post