Michael Schumacher Health Condition News and Updates: Schumacher Might Never Fully Recover According to a Neurosurgeon

By Princess Love

Currently the Formula 1 legend, Michael Schumacher is recovering in the family's Swiss mansion after waking up from a coma due to his skiing accident back in 2013. Whilst many are asking if Schumi could ever fully recover, according to Peter Hamlyn a neurological and spinal surgeon--it seems like Schumi might never fully recover from the accident. 

Here's the latest on Michael Schumacher health condition news and updates.

Since Schumacher's family asked for a media blackout there's not much news on former F1 racer lately. However an insider told Express that Michael Schumacher's currently recovering from his skiing injuries in the family's Swiss Mansion near Lake Geneva. The insider added that, "Progress is painfully slow. There is no miracle on the horizon."

At the moment, there's a total of 15 people monitoring and helping Michael Schumacher with his condition; the total cost for his rehabilitation is £100,000 weekly or $154,000 it wasn't an easy road for the family, but Sabin Kehm said that Schumi's condition is making progress.

In an interview she said, "We are happy to say still he does improvement and I say this always considering the severeness of the injury he had. But of course it will take a very long time for everybody involved to fight, and we are happy to take this fight."

In another interview Sabine added that we "must always keep the seriousness of his injuries in mind".

There are also those who believe that Michael won't fully recover anymore like Peter Hamlyn a consultant and a neurological and spinal surgeon.  He added that the thing that tortures the family and the public is the slow recovery of Michael Schumacher. He added,

"If you look at severe head injury victims who go on to make a good recovery - and I'm not saying all do - it will always be a story of years. The first months are dominated by questions of survival. Gradually as the weeks and months go by those questions of survival turn into questions of the quality of survival."

Previously Maurizio Arrivabene (Ferrari's Team Principal) shared that a text message coming from the Schumacher family. Right after winning, Vettel made a tribute to Michael Schumacher, and Arrivabene is doing the same. Despite being visibly emotional about the whole thing, Arrivabene said he is truly trying to keep his composure, however the text message he received from the Schumacher household made him cry, he added, "I was trying all the time to stay cool, but then a text message made me cry." 

The text message was sent by Sabine Kehm who is Schumacher's manager. Another important role that Kehm played was that Kehm is responsible in persuading Vettel to leave Red Bull and join the Ferrari team last winter. Much of Schumacher's success was when he was in Ferrari, winning 5 of his 7 titles when he was there from 1996 to 2006. Arrivabene and Schumacher worked together when Schumacher was still in Marlboro.

Arrivabene also shared about how much he sees Schumacher in Vettel, he added,

"They have different natures, different personalities; but the way Sebastian approaches his work - delving into every detail of how he can motivate everyone and criticise constructively - reminds me of Michael. Both share the same cultural background and this perfectionism, which they have brought to Ferrari."

In his winning speech, Sebastian Vettel said, "It's been my dream, Michael was my hero. All the kids at the go-kart track looked up to him."

Vettel added, "When he turned up to shake hands every year it made our lives. I don't understand yet how special it is."

Michael Schumacher is a record breaking F1 racer with 7 championships under his belt. Back in December 2013, the racer has a severe skiing accident in the Alps.

Vettel also said, "Michael left very large footsteps but the target is not to fill those but to leave some new ones. It's been a while since I was on the top step. The first time with Ferrari. We made big changes over the winter and the welcome the team gave me has been amazing. Great achievement. We have a great car."

"It is a bit emotional, a very special day and will always remain part of me. 

"The key was the way the tyres lasted. That's where we were able to close the gap compared to Mercedes. 

"It is a bit of a surprise for us but we need to take it. We need to confirm that and then try to catch these guys." 

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