Michigan health center apologizes to senior citizens for Christmas, ‘Charlie Brown’ censorship

By The Christian Post

Linus Van Pelt delivering his speech on what Christmas is about by reciting Luke 2:8-14 in "A Charlie Brown Christmas" (1965). | (Photo: screengrab, ABC)

A Michigan-based health center has reportedly given a verbal apology to two senior citizens who were stopped from telling visiting students about the religious aspects of Christmas, including while reading “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”

Last week, the conservative law firm the First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the Kalkaska Memorial Health Center on behalf of two residents of Kalkaska Senior Living Center.

According to the letter, Joan Wilson and Wilma Wells were stopped by a teacher from telling kids from the Center’s Child Development Center and Preschool about the birth of Jesus during a Christmas-themed visit last December.

Source:The Christian Post