Michigan university can't punish Christian club for requiring leaders be Christian, judge rules

By The Christian Post

Students pray during a bible study hosted by InterVarsity Christian Fellowship at Montclair State University in New Jersey. | (Photo: InterVarsity)

A federal court ruled on Monday to protect a Christian student organization that had its official student club status revoked by a Michigan university for requiring its leaders to adhere to its statement of faith. University officials will be held liable for discriminating against the club.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, a student ministry that provides community, Bible studies and important discussions on campus, has been a part of Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan for over 75 years.

Though the club is open to all students, the university deemed InterVarsity’s leadership policies “discriminatory” for requiring that the group’s leaders agree with the organization’s statement of faith.

WSU de-registered the club during a routine club membership reapplication process in October 2017 due to the club's supposed discrimination against non-Christians. But, the university eventually recalled its decision after InterVarsity filed a lawsuit. 

Source:The Christian Post