Mike Huckabee responds to 'hateful bigot' accusations: 'I refuse to deny God's law'

By The Christian Post

Governor Mike Huckabee speaks on his TBN show, "Huckabee." | YouTube

Despite being dubbed a “hateful bigot” and “mean-spirited conservative” by left-leaning websites, Mike Huckabee has said he will not apologize for identifying the redefining of gender and sexual identity as the “greatest threat” to the moral fiber of America.

On Saturday, Huckabee took a moment on his TV political commentary program on TBN to address the backlash he experienced following an interview with The Christian Post.

“I need to warn you that according to some recent news articles, you are watching a show hosted by a hateful bigot,” Huckabee told the audience. “And that was about the nicest thing that was said about me.”

Source:The Christian Post