Ministry to Arab Muslims Prepares Christmas TV Specials

By Carlton Cook

In the Middle East, Christmas is celebrated on the 6th and 7th of January - Eid Milad - 'celebration of the birth.'

Michael Ireland Media Missionary reports the ministry team at Arab Vision is preparing a special Christmas TV program with musical and testimonial contributions from people of different countries and church background throughout the Arab World.

According to a ministry update: "There is such a strong feeling of despair in the Middle East, and together with our Arab brothers and sisters we want to present the message of hope, light and peace!"

The Arab Vision team is also working on the first Christian TV series ever in the Somali language. As far as they know, there are few Christians in Somalia, and many in that country are terrorized by the fundamentalist Muslim movement of al-Shabaab. Please pray for the preparations of this project and for partners to provide the funds.

Meanwhile, the Arab Vision follow-up team works on the frontlines of ministry to Muslims. These people are available to respond to email, telephone calls, Facebook conversations, and text messages - seven days per week.

With many people they build up a relationship, as they often are the only 'listening ear' for viewers in need, who call or write them.



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