Miss. Christians reflect after state lifts alcohol ban

By The Christian Post

A Mississippi State welcome sign stands along U.S. Highway 61.  | Getty/Tiago Fernandez

Prohibition will officially come to an end in Mississippi next January thanks to a new law signed by Gov. Tate Reeves this week that has left some Christians mixed in their responses to the news. 

Mississippi House Rep. Trey Lamar, a Republican, proposed the bill that essentially flips the current law created in 1972. The possession of alcohol will no longer be illegal by default in all counties across the state. But individual counties can vote to become dry counties once again.

“From and after January 1, 2021, prohibition is renounced as to the possession of alcoholic beverages,” Lamar’s bill reads. “It shall thereafter be lawful to possess alcoholic beverages throughout the state. …”

Source:The Christian Post