Mr. Robot Season 2 Premiere Date and Plot Spoilers: Showrunner Shares Next Season Will be Like Rome Burning; Tyler Will Have a Mini-Origin Story, and Will Betray Elliot?

By Steff

By the last 3 episodes of Mr. Robot Season 1, we were all taken for a roller-coaster ride, one that is filled with twists and moments of awe and confusion-for the viewers and the characters. Now the question on everyone's mind, "Is Tyrell alive, if so, where is he?"

Here's the latest on Mr. Robot Season 2 spoilers, premiere date, and updates.

By episode 8 we were all baffled by the fact that Mr. Robot turns out to be Elliot's father and Darling is actually his sister. Then by episode 9 we were surprised again to find out that he is a pigment of Elliot's imagination.

Now, episode 10 shows us the world after the biggest conglomerate has been hacked and shut down, but the focus of it all was Tyler's (Martin Wallström) whereabouts.

At the star of episode 10 we saw Elliot (Rami Malek) waking up in Tyler's car; however Tyler was nowhere to be found, and Elliot has no idea about what happened in the last couple of days.

Until now, I'm still not settled about Tyler's character; what it money that motivated him to want the CTO position so badly? Was it revenge that motivated him to partner with Elliot? But then he says that he thinks revenge is pathetic, and that he is different. So what could have been his motivation? There are rumors that this will be answered in 'Mr. Robot Season 2' a form of mini-origin story for Tyler, if you like.

Whilst he wanted to partner with Elliot, it would still be so hard to trust him; after all he just killed a woman because he didn't get what he wanted. So there will always be that anticipation that he'll betray Elliot as well.

According to Martin's interview with IGN, the upcoming series will definitely be darker. And recently Sam Esmail (Mr. Robot showrunner) had an interview with The Hollywood Reporter. According to Esmail, the world of Elliot in Season 2 is like a Rome burning.

The director added,

"What would happen to society... if the consumer-debt industry were to be erased? To me, that canvas was something I was interested in exploring, so, for me, that's what that last scene sets up. We're about to watch Rome burn. That's the world Elliot's going to enter next season."

Since Mr. Robot premiered back in June 2015, I guess the showrunners will also premiere the show around the same time this year. 

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