Narcos Season 2 Premiere Date and Spoilers: Narcos Will Continue Even After Pablo Escobar's Death?

By Princess Love

According to Eric Newman (Producer of Netflix's Narcos) they are already finding ways as to how to keep Narcos going beyond Season 2. We all know that Pablo Escobar will die in Narcos Season 2? Are we going to see a new druglord after Pablo Escobar? 

Recently Eric Newman (Producer of 'Narcos Season 2') had an interview with /Film and in the interview he admitted that Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) will die in this season.

In any case that you are not familiar with the show; Narcos is based on the life of Pablo Escobar a real-life drug king pin in Colombia who became a billionaire through production and distribution of cocaine.

According to Eric Newman if they want to stay true to the real-life events, they would have to kill Pablo Escobar this season.

"Trust me, if we could find a way to keep him alive and keep Wagner (actor who played Pablo Escobar) on the show... He will die."

He continued, "There are any number of things that can happen after. We have not committed to one or the other. Obviously, there are a lot of other stories in this world that continue on beyond him."

Aside from the trying to stay true to the story another reason why 'Narcos Season 2'might be last of the series is the fact that the original showrunner of the show, Adam Fierro, has left the show even before 'Narcos Season 1' has ended and now the new season will be handled by Jose Padilha (director of Narcos Episode 1 and 2).

If 'Narcos Season 2' will be following the real-time events in the life of Pablo Escobar then it's safe to assume that he'll be escaping the authorities in this coming 'Narcos Season 2' and will be eventually be killed by the Colombian National Police.

The show is still thinking of ways to continue the show beyond Escobar, however they have not commited to any ideas yet. 

'Narcos Season 2' still don't have an announced premiere date but most speculates that 'Narcos Season 2' will premiere sometime in August this year, however this might be delayed as well. 




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