Naruto Manga Release Date, Plot Spoilers: Naruto Spin Off “Bolt” New Era Project Gets Manga Release Date

By Lynell


Previously everybody presumed that Naruto would finally end with the ominously titled "The Last: Naruto the Movie" but it looks like things aren't going that direction. Here are some more news about the Naruto Manga Release Date, Plot Spoilers.  Apparently after the movie bridging the gap between the last three chapters of Naruto. A new movie will be hitting theaters come August 2015 and it's currently subtitled "Naruto: The New Era Project".

And who better to star in this new series than Naruto's son Bolt.

Being the son of the seventh Hokage and a prince of the Hyuga clan as well, Bolt has some pretty big shows to fill which is why animators are hard at work in finishing the next movie, still under the "Naruto: The New Era Project", entitled Boruto: Naruto the Movie which will be set around the time we first meet Bolt.

"I'm frantically thinking up a story for Bolt," manga creator Masashi Kishimoto said. "I've not even had a chance to catch my breath after finishing the series."

The acclaimed Naruto creator also teased fans that they should be on the look out for Sakura and Sasuke's daughter named Sarada who could share a special bond with Naruto's own son. "I conceived a story in which Bolt and [Sasuke's daughter] Sarada appears," he said.

Boruto, which is a pun of Naruto's name, is the name of the new hero and his name is based on his special fighting skills. The manga creator also revealed that he will hold the relationship of Naruto and Hinata together.

Bolt appeared on the 700th chapter of Naruto manga series. He also has a sister named Himawari which means 'sunflower' in Japanese. However, it is still unknown if Himawari will have a role in the film.

It has already been previously reported that the TV series will have a continuation as part of the new development which will begin in 2015. This announcement was made by Naruto television anime director Hayato Date.

"The Last: Naruto The Movie" is the 10th feature film in the franchise which earned 1.47 billion yen which is approximately US$12.1 million as of 3:00 p.m. on its first day.

So it might not really be the last Naruto movie after all. The coming of the new hero Bolt means fans can look forward to another set of adventures. The sequel is reported to be released in August 2015.



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