NBA Jeremy Lin Talks About Accepting Dating Advice from Chandler Parsons, His Faith and Jump Shot

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Taking his turn in the hot seat today: Jeremy Lin.

JCF: I know how hard you work on your shot - in fact you just wrapped up a marathon shooting session. When it comes to making improvements, have you tweaked anything mechanically or is your process more along the lines of the 10,000-hour theory of putting in the necessary time in an attempt to master the art?

JL: I don't know if you'd call it a mechanical change, but I am trying to make things just a little more fluid. I'm going to try to jump a little less high, but keep the motion more fluid so that there's less of a hitch. But to be honest the change that we're talking about is so slight that you probably won't even be able to tell the difference and I'll be able to feel just a small difference. And then, yeah, of course just putting in as many reps as possible. The same old stuff.

JCF: So from a comfort and confidence standpoint where do you feel now? I hate to make too much of a big deal about your shooting because you did knock down about 40 percent of your shots from downtown during the last three months of the season. But how would you describe your comfort level with your shooting stroke now?

JL: Yeah, I think you hit on a big thing - a lot of it is mental; just believing and trusting in your shot. I think that's something that I've hopefully taken steps forward with, just walking in and believing that it's going to go in. I think it's always a constant battle but that's definitely an area, when you're talking about improvement, that is as important or more important than anything.

JCF: Well that brings us back to one of the other topics we talked about earlier this summer which was your goal to work on your mental toughness. Obviously that goes hand in hand with your confidence in your shooting stroke. Is that something you've been able to achieve this summer?

JL: That's one of those things where it's not like I can go home in the offseason and just become mentally tough by doing mental exercises to get tougher. I think so much of it comes from your experiences from each season. I think there's a buildup or a mindset that you go into the season with which, for me, I think it's there. Then it's just a matter of maintaining it and building upon it as you go through the ups and downs because you really can't recreate those situations. That's something that is definitely really important.

JCF: So what, then, is the attitude you're taking into this season?

JL: I'm just going out there to play and not worry about anything: about proving myself to anybody, or proving my worth, or trying to live up to a contract, or whatever. I'm just going to go out there and play completely free of all the expectations and all the noise, the pressure. With the signing of Dwight and the emergence of James, there's going to be a lot more spotlight, but for me it's just a matter of going in everyday and doing my best. I'm just going to play the way that got me here.

JCF: To that end, I feel like you're sort of back in the underdog role again. Do you feel that way as well?

JL: Yeah, but it's where I'm comfortable, though (laughs). It's funny, my whole life has been like, 'He can't do it, he's not good enough,' and then something happens and I kind of breakthrough a little bit, and then after a while it's like, 'Sure he's here, but he can't make it to the next level. He made it to college but he can't make it to the pros,' and on and on. That's been the cycle I've been going through. Now it's, 'OK, Linsanity happened but he can't maintain it.'

So I'm definitely more comfortable in the underdog role and I definitely feel like I'm back there once again.

JCF: Those ups and downs, that struggle - I assume that's when you lean upon your faith the most.

JL: Yeah, that's the character building right there. I think, not having the benefit of the doubt in many situations, or having to prove yourself and fight through stuff, it's not just me that's fighting through - it's God giving me the strength or the opportunities to be able to do it. At the end of the day, one thing I've been trying to focus on is just staying faithful and being faithful to Him regardless of what's going on and trying not to become too attached to the current circumstance or current situation.

JCF: That ties in to what you were saying about mental toughness and the benefit of experience: how it makes such a huge difference during tough times to be able to lean on specific memories of circumstances in which you overcame the stumbling blocks before you. There's comfort and confidence to be found in that knowledge and those experiences.

JL: For sure. And also sometimes we become so focused on getting to the next level that we kind of forget where we came from. For example: this summer - yeah, those trade rumors weren't enjoyable and it sucked but I remember rumors from earlier in my career of getting cut, or wondering if I'm going to make it one more day or am I going to be sent to the D-League. So I always have to constantly remind myself of where God has taken me on the journey.

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