Nephew Gives Different Account of Detroit Pastor Tim Kirby Initially Reported Murdered

By Vineworker

Police say Detroit Pastor Tim Kirby was gunned down after asking his neighbors to turn down their party music, but his nephew who witnessed the murder said his uncle went out because he heard someone had been stabbed and wanted to help. Meanwhile, a prayer vigil was held in his memory.

Pastor Kirby's 18-year-old nephew, Christopher Johnson, says his uncle went outside his home on July 29, the day he was shot to death, after he heard that someone had been stabbed and wanted to help, Detroit Free Press reported.

Johnson says he was with Kirby at the time, and saw several people gathered around three parked cars. "We went outside and went up to the guy and asked, 'What is going on? We heard somebody say they got stabbed.' They walked up to us and asked if we had a beef," Johnson was quoted as saying. "A guy just started shooting at my uncle."

While investigate is underway, police have not arrested anyone.

Local police have said the pastor's neighbors were hosting a big party with loud music and were screaming when he left his apartment to ask them to tone down the noise. Upset by Kirby's request, a group of men turned the encounter into a full blown confrontation and began shouting at him, and one of them shot him.


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