Netflix Christmas movie 'Klaus' highlights biblical values, 'goodwill toward men'

By The Christian Post

Jason Schwartzman, J.K. Simmons, and Rashida Jones bring the animated Netflix film "Klaus" to life. | Netflix

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. — Netflix’s animated Christmas movie "Klaus" puts a charming new spin on the old tale of Santa Claus and offers a timely reminder that “a true act of Goodwill always sparks another.”

Scripted by "Despicable Me" co-creator Sergio Pablos, along with Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney, “Klaus” tells the story of Jesper (Jason Schwartzman), the postal academy’s worst student. To make Jesper prove his worth, his wealthy father stations him on a frozen island above the Arctic Circle called Smeerensburg. Jesper’s work is cut out for him: In Smeerensburg, feuding locals hardly exchange words, let alone letters.

Jesper is about to give up when he finds an ally in teacher Alva (Rashida Jones), and discovers Klaus (J.K. Simmons), a mysterious carpenter who lives alone in a cabin full of handmade toys. These unlikely friendships return laughter to Smeerensburg, forging a new legacy of generous neighbors, magical lore and stockings hung by the chimney with care. 

Source:The Christian Post