New Jesus Film Project®study confirms Billions have heard the Gospel around the World

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By Michael Ireland, Chief Correspondent for ASSIST News Service

ORLANDO, FL (ANS -- March 13, 2017) -- Hot on the heels of news that the Jesus Film Project® is closing the gap on the number of people groups yet to be reached with the Gospel, The JESUS Film is being hailed as one of the most effective evangelistic tools available.

A new Jesus Film Project® study reveals the film "JESUS" -- along with other titles provided by the ministry -- have been proven as some of the most powerful tools available in the evangelical world in effectively spreading the Gospel.

mi a screenshot from the Jesus Film 02 13 2017According to a media release from A. Larry Ross Communications, the study, conducted in conjunction with Masterworks, an independent third-party research firm, quantified the total global impact of Jesus Film Project entities. The research focused on three measures of impact: viewership, indicated decisions to follow Jesus and multiplying communities formed.

Using 2015 as a basis for calculation, research included all mediums in which Jesus Film Project entities can be viewed: television, live showings, online viewings and physical media such as DVDs and SD cards. The results indicated Jesus Film Project tools have been used to initiate more than an estimated 7.5 billion gospel presentations cumulatively since 1979, and has resulted in 490 million people indicating decisions to accept Christ and 2.1 million churches/multiplying communities being launched.

"This new research reflects Jesus Film Project's faithful dedication to completing the Great Commission, not only through direct outreach, but also via partnerships with hundreds of ministries and churches that have utilized our ministry's tools and initiatives," said Josh Newell, director of marketing and communications in a media release. "While we often hear stories about how our films are impacting people's lives, this study solidifies that our efforts are not in vain and God is using Jesus Film Project to spread the Gospel worldwide."

With current technological advances, the research shows that in the last 10 years, the way that people view "JESUS" and other Jesus Film Project entities has drastically changed. Television accounted for most of "JESUS" film viewership prior to 2006, because TV stations would often show the film - in some cases multiple times - during holidays.

Television viewership is now on the decline as people around the world are turning to streaming media such as Apple TV, YouTube and Amazon. Additionally, today's audiences view and interact with media differently than in prior generations, modifying it and reposting it to their social media profiles.

mi jesus film project logo 03 02 2017The Jesus Film Project says that since 2006, it has worked to adapt with these trends. It developed new media to start conversations about Christ including an app streaming "JESUS," other full-length films, and short films, effective in reaching diverse audiences. These include "Magdalena," "Rivka" and "The Story of Jesus For Children."

"It is fantastic to see the work that we have done is being used and multiplied by so many," Newell said. "As we continue to provide excellent tools for ministry use, it will be incredible to see the numbers grow in the next decade."

The last time Jesus Film Project conducted a comprehensive study to count the total number of lives impacted through exposures to its films and other properties was more than one decade ago.

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The "JESUS" film was envisioned by Bill Bright, co-founder of Cru, and was produced in cooperation with The Genesis Project. "JESUS" is the most watched film according to 'Guinness Book of World Records' and will soon be available in 1,500 languages with the latest translation in Daasanach, which is currently in production. Jesus Film Project continues to carry out Bright's vision of showing this film to people in every country of the world. For more information on Jesus Film Project, go to

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