New York’s new abortion law and child sacrifice

By The Christian Post

A combination photo shows an anti-abortion protest march (L) and a pro-abortion rights protester holds a sign as he confronts an anti-abortion demonstration in Queens, New York, on October 20, 2012. | (Photo: Reuters/Andrew Kelly/File Photos)

Moloch was the false god of the Canaanites who required child sacrifice. He’s got a new altar in New York, he’s got worshipers and he’s doing business as Autonomy and Choice.

On January 22, 2019 the state of New York enacted a law allowing for abortion up to a baby’s due date. How are we to respond to this new reality? We grieve and mourn and pray and share the Gospel. There are things done upon the earth which so grieve the heart of God that His people do what they can to reflect the depth of it. I now more fully understand the scenes of God’s people tearing their clothes and donning sackcloth and ashes when the darkness of sin became particularly acute.

Chosen because it was the anniversary of Roe v. Wade – the Governor of the state of New York in a formal ceremony that can only be described as celebratory – signed the Reproductive Health Act into law. The law allows for abortion at any time throughout pregnancy. And if a child is born alive, after a botched abortion, the born-live child is no longer protected. It is clear Moloch has worshippers today and to this false god the children of America are being offered up on the altars of autonomy and choice.

Source:The Christian Post