Nick Vujicic Encouraged Dominican Youths To Live with Purpose, Love, Joy and Peace

By James Lam

Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic visited the National Palace and met President Danilo Medina, first lady Candida and their daughter, Sibelys. He encouraged Dominican youth to live with purpose, love, joy and peace in their soul, according to Dominican Today, a local newspaper.

While many youngsters feel that the world is against them and do not have many opportunities, Nick Vujicic, with the help of God, has accomplished a lot of things despite of having no arms and legs.

"With broken pieces you cannot do anything with that, but when you surrender your life to God is when miracles can happen. I'm still without arms and legs but don't need arms and legs, I need purpose, joy and peace in my soul," said Vujicic.

Knowing that happiness does not come from money, Nick said he is rich because God is with him and he is happy.

Nick stressed that one's true value is not determined by how others think of him or her. He said we are valuable as we are created by God. He also urged parents of the nation to sow seeds of hope to their next generation, with faith and love so that a better community and a better nation can be forged.



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