Nick Vujicic Journey In The Philipines For World Outreach Tour; "You know every nation needs a touch of God"

By Manuel Campos

Vujicic has recently been releasing videos of his tour, in his first web series. The newest video features Vujicic going to Japan and the Philippines for the tour In the second half of the video Vujicic arrives in Manila, Philippines. This portion takes place on May, 2013.

Vujicic arrives in a hotel and meets Judah Paolo, an actor and commercial model host the Philippine portion of the tour.

"Sometimes you can look into someone's eyes and see, you know, what kind of life, maybe, possibly, they had before. I don't know how but, sometimes God puts on my heart what kind of background they came from."

Paolo talks to Vujicic of how he was bullied and how he became a bully, joining gangs and doing drugs and that in coming to the Philippines he realized God saved him.

The video then goes deeper into Paolo's history.

Paolo was a former boxer before dislocating his shoulder, and having to stop boxing.

"When I was reading Nicks book, and about how sometimes passion has to die, so Gods bigger and greater dream and passion can be placed in your heart. It really hit home, I was like wow.  Cause all that time, I thought I had to fight my way to the top and I realized the fights already been won. All I have to now is share his story and his victory."

Vujicic  talks about missing his family while being on tour, and how his friend Nate helped him during the tour.

"I really felt that Nate would be able to quite easily distract me. It's good to have light hearted conversations, and laughs and jokes., and a little bit of teasing here and there. It keeps it fun and alive."

Nick also talks about the other members on the tour.

"It's fun, it's like the boys we're going out and seeing how God moves in incredible ways, and tasting new food and meeting new people and seeing new things."

Vujicic arrives at a Philippine arena to spread his message, he talks about the Filipino people.

"Filipino people, wherever I met them in the world, I've seen nothing but just kind people, fun loving people, laugh. When we had that auditorium of 12,000 people, it was one of the most electric audiences, I've ever had in my life. In that auditorium of 12,000, everyone was just paying attention. They love it, it was a roar I would never forget.  I could just sense in that auditorium, that there were thousands of people, who were sitting there and 'amening ' all the way and praying for a change in that nation, and just a revival. You know every nation needs a touch of God. I was just very encouraged the people there and there spirit and their passion."

The next video will feature the Vietnam portion of the tour. 

Click on the link below to watch the full episode.

Nick Vujicic World Outreach Episode 3: Japan to the Philippines


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