Nigeria: Christians Tortured and Killed in Mubi

By James.B


Boko Haram have raised their flag over Mubi, Adamawa State's second largest town and commercial hub, after seizing it on Wednesday 29 October. They have renamed the town 'Madinatul Islam', which means 'City of Islam'. "The situation for believers trapped in Mubi is too terrible for ears to hear," writes Open Doors researcher Isaac.

Some who managed to escape Mubi told Isaac that Boko Haram are burning churches and forcing trapped Christians to convert to Islam. Many who refused to convert are being tortured in an effort to make them renounce their faith in Jesus, and a number of them have been stoned to death.

Isaac was also told that Muslims who were found 'wanting in terms of sharia' have also been killed. The witness confirmed reports of public amputations for those accused of looting.


Isaac has travelled to the area to encourage refugees fleeing Mubi and to assess their needs. "We are at the moment with some of the fleeing refugees, but the fear and uncertainty are making things difficult."

Those fleeing Mubi face difficult conditions on the road. Gift Ugo told Vanguard, a local newspaper, that she ran into the bush during the attack where she spent four days without food. She survived by drinking water from streams.

Another, Rebecca Teri, told Vanguard, "We started running and in the process, I lost contact with my husband and seven year old daughter." She has still not found them.

Many of the refugees have headed to Yola, but the mood there is sombre. Boko Haram have threatened to capture the town, which is causing great fear. Others are trying to escape to Cameroon.


Open Doors workers were recently able to visit the Minawao refugee camp in Cameroon, where 16,000 Nigerian refugees are housed. There are 3,000 Christians in the camp who meet together for worship in makeshift shelters.

We were able to encourage believers there, and they said it gave them courage and strength to know that people would travel long distances to comfort them. We will be supporting them with emergency relief and trauma counselling.


Source: Oepn Doors; Vanguard; IRIN; BBC


  • For God to change the hearts of Boko Haram members in Mubi and for attacks on Christians there to end
  • For safety and courage for the Christians who remain in Mubi
  • For provision for those who have been forced to flee their homes
  • For wisdom for the Nigerian government to know how to deal with Boko Haram.

used by permission: Open Doors UK 



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