NVIDIA Latest News: World’s Fastest Drone Powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1

By Jeff Villanueva

These days, seeing non-combat aerial drones flying three to five stories high is just a normal day to day. Breezing through about 10-20mph, these aerial drones are used for surveying, search and rescue, getting information on an inaccessible location, among other things.

But have you seen a civilian aerial drone too fast one might think this might be used by the military?

Thiel Fellow and Teal Drone CEO George Matus, Jr. recently released his company's first ever product, Teal Drone, which is powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1.

And Matus is no ordinary CEO. While people his age are busy attending college for the first time, Matus, at age 18, is running his company and their first product is also not just an ordinary aerial drone - it currently holds the record as the fastest drone at 85 mph.

Want to know how fast the Teal Drone is?

Watch Teal vs. Porsches - Raw Video

Like most aerial drones, Teal's first ever product is battery-operated with a built-in camera capable of up to 4K video recording, 13 MP stills, and 1/2.3" sensor.

Tagged at about $1,300, Teal's drone can actually fit in a standard-size backpack! And with its affordable price compared to its leading competitor, DJI, it doesn't take a genius for buyers to know what to choose when the time comes.

Teal Drone Specifications

Powered by NVIDIA Jetson TX1, "Teal is an airborne supercomputing platform. The drone, which will be available soon, will ship fully assembled with the onboard flight control Follow-Me feature, which allows the drone to autonomously follow a person," as posted on NVIDIA Blog.

Here's the specification of the Teal Drone:

  •  Onboard camera: 13MP wide field of view & 4K video
  •  16 GB internal storage
  •  microSD card slot
  •  Onboard GPS/GLONASS navigation with Differential and RTK GPS (a first for production drones)
  •  Flight range: 300 ft (using mobile device) / 2,500 ft (via Wi-Fi extender)
  •  Capable of flight in 40+ mph winds
  •  Water resistant
  •  Ships with two fast-charge batteries
  •  Optional Endurance Package doubles flight time

Watch Teal Drone Cut Away Animation

Speaking of Onboard Camera, want to know its specifications? Check this out:

Teal Drone Camera

  •  Sensor: 1/2.3″, 13MP
  •  Lens: 150° FOV, f/2.5, focus at ∞
  •  Image Size: 4224×3156 (4:3)
  •  Recording Modes: 4K/24fps, 1080p 30fps, 720p 60fps
  •  Electronic Stabilization: Yes
  •  Photo Filetypes: JPEG, PNG
  •  Supported SD Card Types: Micro SD, up to 64GB
  •  Live Digital Video Stream: Yes
  •  Live View Quality: Up to 720p
  •  VR Headset Compatible: Yes

We'll bring you more about the latest Teal Drone.

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