NVIDIA Pascal-Based GeForce GTX Titan P Has Been There Since GeForce GTX 1080

By Jeff Villanueva

While the world is still mesmerized with NVIDIA's Pascal-powered GeForce GTX 1080, NVIDIA gears up for another announcement reportedly in the upcoming Games Com 2016 which will be held in Cologne, Germany this coming August 17 to 21.

Yes, we are looking forward to see NVIDIA Pascal-Based GeForce GTX Titan P, purportedly 50% more powerful than GeForce GTX 1080.

Rumors of a Bigger Pascal

Back in April, VideoCards.com posted that "NVIDIA is currently testing three GPUs, the GP102, GP104 and GP106."

"The GP102 is no doubt the GPU that will compete with VEGA 10, so it's hard to predict where NVIDIA is going to use it," the report continues.

In naming the said GPU board, the reported revealed, "The last board that was using PG6xx nomenclature was based on GM200 Maxwell GPU. If NVIDIA was to follow the same principle in its naming schema, PG611 should feature the so-called Big Pascal (GP100 or GP102)."

So what is the relation of this rumor back in April in connection to the upcoming GeForce GTX Titan P?

GP102 Found Its Way

As Theo Valich of VR World shared, "We held the 'Tesla P100 for PCI Express-based Servers' board in our hands just a few weeks ago, and just a few days ago, we managed to grab our hands on a GP100/GP102-based GeForce GTX Titan."

Looks familiar, GP102?

Valich added, "The target is at least 50% higher performance than GeForce GTX 1080 Founders Edition, and our sources are saying they're now bound by the CPU."

So what is the specification of this GeForce GTX Titan P?

Here's what Valich has to say about the upcoming NVIDIA GPU graphic card, "The boards have 8+8-pin and 8+6-pin configuration, with the power connectors being placed in the front, rather than on top (which is the case with GeForce GTX 1070/1080). Bear in mind the PCB has routings for both, but the samples we played with all had front-placed power connectors. If the company ends up using 8+6-pin, you can count on 300W TDP, while the 8+8-pin configuration would give you 375W to play with."

Valich also believed that GeForce GTX Titan P might come in "two versions of Titan boards, the 16GB and 12GB one, with HBM2 memory clocked higher than it was the case with the Tesla family."

We'll bring you more about GeForce GTX Titan P, soon.

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