Okla. Supreme Court temporarily blocks law banning dismemberment abortions

By The Christian Post

Executive Director of Alternatives Pregnancy Center Janet Lyons points to a plastic replica of a fetus at twelve weeks which is used to show women who come into the center to find out if they are pregnant and what the stage of growth looks like, in Waterloo, Iowa, July 6, 2011. | (Photo: REUTERS/Jessica Rinaldi)

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has put a temporary block on the implementation of a state law that bans a second-trimester abortion procedure often known as a dismemberment abortion.  

In a decision released Monday, the state’s highest court ruled 6-2 to issue an injunction against Unborn Child Protection from Dismemberment Abortion Act of 2015.

The litigation was brought by the Tulsa Women’s Reproductive Clinic, which is being represented by the pro-choice group the Center for Reproductive Rights.

Source:The Christian Post