One of America’s Most historic Christian Conference Centers Has Been Badly Damaged in Floods

By Boaz Wadel

The 75-year-old Forest Home Christian Conference Center and Camp, founded by Dr. Henrietta C. Mears, was seriously damaged after Sunday's floods, in Forest Falls, California.

According to the camp's website (, on Sunday afternoon (August 3) heavy rains poured down in Forest Falls causing a water main break and other significant storm-related damage. Three of Forest Home's camp centers (Adventure Mountain, The Village, and Forest Center) are closed as a result.

"In the next 24 hours Forest Home will assess the extent of the damage and mobilize clean-up efforts," said the website. "Preliminary estimates for repair are over $750,000. At this time, we are not sure what part insurance will play in these costs, if any.

"We do know from past weather events like this that there could be hundreds of thousands of dollars of repairs that will not be covered by insurance. The work must be done quickly to prevent further damage."

Clean up begins at Forest Home

Forest Home is asking for help to start cleaning up and restoring the famous venue, and said, "Please pray for the Lord's provision through His people. Will you also pray as Forest Home's staff work to coordinate the overwhelming cleanup efforts?

"We are currently assessing volunteer opportunities and will communicate these at a later date. It is our hope to reopen the damaged camp centers as soon as possible."

Gifts of all sizes can be made by going

Cars caught up in a mud slide

Forest Home's founder, Dr. Henrietta C. Mears (1890-1963), was once praised by Dr. Billy Graham, who said that she "has had a remarkable influence, both directly and indirectly on my life. In fact, I doubt if any other woman outside of my wife and mother has had such a marked influence... She is certainly one of the greatest Christians I have ever known!"

Best known as the innovative and dynamic Director of Christian Education at First Presbyterian Church of Hollywood in the mid-1900s, Henrietta Mears was one of the most influential Christian leaders of her time. She founded Gospel Light, Forest Home and GLINT (Gospel Literature International), and profoundly impacted the ministries of Bill Bright (Campus Crusade), Jim Rayburn (Young Life) and Billy Graham (Billy Graham Evangelistic Association) with her emphasis on Scripture and a clear Gospel message for young people.

Her book, What the Bible is All about (Regal) has sold over three million copies, and she is believed by many theologians to have most directly shaped Bill Bright's Four Spiritual Laws, which defined modern evangelism in the 20th century.

She once said, "You teach a little by what you say, you teach most by what you are."

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Most historic Christian Conference Centers Badly Damaged in Floods