One Punch Man Season 2 Premiere Date, News, and Spoilers: Saitama to Have a New Enemy, Murata Yusuke Already Started Working on Season 2

By Princess Love

Whilst there are reports that the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2' will be delayed, a news site, Bitbag reported that Murata Yusuke (Creator of One Punch Man Series) is actually already working on the next season of 'One Punch Man'.  Additionally it seems like the upcoming season's villain is a little bit more closer to Saitama.

Here's the latest on 'One Punch Man Season 2' premiere date, news, and spoilers.

I'm guessing if you are reading this, you've already finished watching the first season of 'One Punch Man', and are craving to know more about your favourite anime.

Now, if you still haven't watched 'One Punch Man', then you can check out the anime on Original Video Animations (OVA), and it will be released throughout this month.

Like most famous anime, 'One Punch Man' series is a comic-adaptation. However, it was plain to see that the anime quickly over-shadowed the manga remake and it web-comic version.

Just by its first season, the anime has attracted multitude of fans all across the world.

The last episode of 'One Punch Man' was seen back in December 20, 2015 and it was clear that the anticipation for 'One Punch Man Season 2' is high.

However, do not fret, as Murata Yusuke (Creator of 'One Punch Man' Series) told, TheBitBag that he is already working on 'One Punch Man Season'. So this won't be another 'Attack on Titan Season 2' situation for you, guys.

When it comes to the plot for the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2', according to the rumor mill the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2' will pick-up exactly where it left off.

The title for 'One Punch Man Season 2, Episode 1' will be 'The Strongest Hero'.

In the episode, Lord Boros has managed to counteract the punchers of Saitama and because of the regenerative capabilities; he will be able to counteract Saitama successfully.

This made the fight a tie, however, Saitama will be able to clobber Boros into dust using his most powerful punch, called, "serious punch".  During the same episode, a new villain shall arise in the form of Amai Mask.

Amai Mask is a 'Class A Rank 1' hero, and will be another Darth Vader story, good side to the dark side. The main reason for his defiance is because he blames Class S heroes for the destruction of the city.

Despite the fact that the plot for the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2' is yet to unveil, it is quite obvious that a fight between Amai Mask and Saitama is bound to happen.

The rumoured premiere date for 'One Punch Man Season 2' is around November or December this year. 

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