One Punch Man Season 2 Premiere Date, News, and Spoilers: Will Pick-Up Where it Left Off, Metal Knight Will Save the Day, Amai Mask New Villain

By Princess Love

Because of Attack on Titan, many has a feeling that if the anime is really good they sometime drag out the premiere to a long time, with years and years in between seasons. But thankfully, this is not the case with 'One Punch Man' as Murata Yusuke is already working on the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2'.

Here's the latest on 'One Punch Man Season 2' premiere date, news, and spoilers.

'One Punch Man' just wrapped up back in December and now Murata Yusuke has already started working on 'One Punch Man Season 2'.

'One Punch Man' is based on a digital manga and was adopted into anime by Murata Yusuke. The anime was already a big hit on its first season due to the fact that it has a lot of humor that are just landing so well.

Back in 'One Punch Man Season 1' we saw Saitama fighting against Boros which has resulted with Boros losing an arm and Saitama ending up on the moon. However, Saitama won the fight and Boros admitted that he doesn't have the skills same as Saitama.

On the otherhand, Amai Mask started blaming S-class heroes for destruction of the city. Good thing, Metal Knight came to the rescue as some of the part of the ship that he salvaged was used to rebuild the headquarters.

According to Kpopstarz, back in December 14th, Murata Yusuke told fans that he'll do everything to make 'One Punch Man Season 2'.

There are some Reddit users who suggest that 'One Punch Man Season 2' will not happen yet because the author of the manga is still focused on making 'Mob Psycho One'. However some Reddit user also begged to disagree as the manga is still two-years ahead of 'One Punch Man Season 2'.

According to reports, we'll be seeing 'One Punch Man Season 2' with the year around October or November.

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