One Punch Man Season 2 to Premiere This Year? Will Revolve Around Hero Hunter Arc

By Steff

Murata Yusuke (Director of One Punch Man anime) has been working on One Punch Man Season 2 since February. Could we have a One Punch Man Season 2 release date this year? 

The manga version of 'One Punch Man' was great and Murata Yusuke has done a great job of adapting ONE's manga into anime.

The good news is that Murata Yusuke and his team have already started working on the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2' so we will be able to see the anime sometime around November or December this year.

However, according to Otakuart ,  the upcoming One Punch Man Season 2 might take 2 years to finish. According to the site, Murata's team would have to create 100 sketches, 100 inked pages, and 100 storyboard, including some editing which will take 10 hours per day.

But then again, the optimist in me would say that it's not just one person who'll be working on the anime, so I'm still hopeful for a 2016 premiere date. 

Now the question is will the anime be loyal to the storyline of the manga? Well according to Ecumenical News, it seems to be that way.

Lord Boros has been defeated, and the upcoming arc for 'One Punch Man Season 2' is the Hero Hunter Arc.

The Hero Hunter Arc will be about the the most powerful villain the series so far, Garou. According to HNGN;

"In the manga, Garou was Bang or Silver Fang's former disciple who eventually lost his way. What is particularly interesting is that Garou and Saitama are two sides of the same coin - just people who happen to go far beyond what humans are capable of becoming."

If this report was true then you can be rest assured that the upcoming 'One Punch Man Season 2' will be more thrilling than that of the first season.

Aside from Garou, it is also rumoured that the tension between Saitama and Amai Mask will further increase.

When it comes to its first episode, it is rumored that the title will be 'The Strongest Hero' and that season 2 will pick up where it left off. 

Whilst there's still no announced premiere date for 'One Punch Man Season 2', it is believed that we will be seeing the series premiere later this year.



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