P. Jim Standridge of Immanuel Baptist Church During Sermon for Sleeping; 'Hissy Fit' Goes Viral


A video excerpt of a sermon by Jim Standridge, senior pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Skiatook, Okla., has gone viral on the Internet, inspiring hundreds of comments about the Christian minister storming from the pulpit during his message to admonish a congregant for falling asleep and then calling out other worshippers, one of whom he decries as "the sorriest church member I have."

The five-minute excerpt was posted earlier this week by "Stuff Fundies Like" on YouTube (Jim Standridge Throws a Hissy Fit - Immanuel Baptist Church of Skiatookwith the title "Jim Standridge Throws a Hissy Fit." The video has about 83,000 views and well over 500 comments from offended, outraged and concerned viewers, some of whom have suggested that Standridge's words to congregants lacked love, failed to represent God's grace, and reflected arrogance.

However, Pastor Standridge, who has been serving Immanuel Baptist Church for the past 24 years, told The Christian post Thursday that he could not care less what a few strangers on the Internet think about his message. The minister insisted that he held no anger toward online commenters.

"It was a family meeting, not a national meeting," he told CP, adding that his May 19, 2013, sermon was full of grace and love. "But you can't judge a man by one message."

"If you knew me, you'd know that I'm a loving, caring guy," he said, adding that he did not expect complete strangers on the Internet to know that about him.

Videos: Jim Standridge Throws a Hissy Fit - Immanuel Baptist Church of Skiatook

P. Jim Standridge of Immanuel Baptist Church on June 23, 2013 Morning Service


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