Pastor Chris Hodges apologizes for liking racially insensitive social media posts of conservative leader

By The Christian Post

Chris Hodges is founder and leader of Church of the Highlands. | Instagram/Chris Hodges

Chris Hodges, founder and leader of Church of the Highlands, one of the largest churches in America, apologized Sunday for liking social media posts of Turning Point USA leader Charlie Kirk that have been criticized as racially insensitive.

“I understand how this has made you feel and I apologize. Honestly, it’s understandable to me. I don’t take it personally. I know people are hurting right now and they want clarity. I would love for you to not just look at a microscopic zoom-in but look at the totality of 37 years of ministry and 19 years as a church,” Hodges said Sunday in his sermon to his diverse but mostly white Alabama congregation.

“If you look at that it will be abundantly clear that we value every person. For every person that has been marginalized, rejected or belittled, abused or even afraid because of how God made you, Tammy and I, the Church of the Highlands family, stand with you.”

Source:The Christian Post