Pastor John Gray on church gathering bans: Takes more faith to keep your doors closed

By The Christian Post

Relentless Church Pastor John Gray | Instagram/John Gray

Pastor John Gray, who leads Relentless Church in South Carolina, said he believes keeping churches closed during the pandemic is not a sign of lack of faith, but it “takes more faith” to do that.

Asked how holding online services changed things for him, Gray told Fox2 Detroit, “Aw man, we are more creative, I get to be more free. I get to have conversations. I’m more conversational in my approach. I also think [of] other ways to express myself, so it’s great, it’s been a great opportunity for me to try some new things.”

He said this is the time to have faith. “Faith is not for the good times; faith is for the times that make no sense, faith is for the moments we don’t understand. Faith is for the moments when it’s darkest.”

Source:The Christian Post