Person of Interest Season 5: Fans Await CBS Spring Schedule, News, Updates

By Yumi Redfield

As much as I want to say that CBS has finally announced a release date for Person of Interest season 5, it just seems like CBS is taking their sweet time in scheduling the – presumably – last season of Person of Interest.

Initially Person of Interest season 5 was supposed to be released September 2015, but with the reduced number of episodes (from 22 down to 13), although it was a disappointment, Person of Interest fans grudgingly accepted mid-season premiere, which would start around December 2015.

December came and went, but Person of Interest fans were left in the dark as to when Person of Interest season 3 would air. CBS Entertainment President Glenn Geller confirmed that they’re aiming for a spring release. Unfortunately, with each day that passes without any official announcement on the release date of Person of Interest season 5, fans are losing hope that there will be a spring release for Person on Interest season 5. The good news is that there is still a little more than a month before spring starts, so there is still some time. The better news is that CBS has yet to announce their spring lineup for 2016, so there is still hope that Person of Interest really will be included in the spring lineup that will start around end of March.

For those who have not given up on Person of Interest, there’s currently a petition going on in where it’s asking CBS to add more episodes to Person of Interest, or if CBS will cancel the show after season 5, for other networks like Netflix, NBC, Fox, CW, and Hulu to pick it up if possible.

Currently the petition is a little less than 2000 short of 25,000 but we do need as many signatures as we can to prove to CBS that Person of Interest fans are very much interested to know the full story of the series.

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