Persona 5 PS4 and PS3 Release Date and Characters:Persona 5 Delayed Till Next Year; New Game Modes and Characters Revealed!

By Steff

Whilst we've waited the whole year for Atlus to release the release date for Persona 5, they've finally come to a conclusion that this year is not possible. Yes, Persona 5 has been delayed until next year. 

Here's the latest on Persona 5 release date, news, and updates.

So the release date for Persona 5 has been delayed until next year. Whilst there's still no fixed date, many are expecting it to be on February 2016, one year after the Persona 5 concert in Japan. Since it's still a long way to go, let's talk about what we can expect on the game.

The upcoming 'Persona 5' will have new modes, the All-out-attack, the Cooperation mode, and Stealth or Sneak.

When it comes to the 'Cooperation' mode, gamers will be able to connect to social links and be able to build relationships with non-playable characters in order to gain benefits.

Now, when it comes to the Sneak mode' the player can avoid new elements when they are in the dungeons.

The old, 'All-Out-Attack' will allow gamers to combine attack whenever the enemy has been knocked down. This feature has been around since 'Persona 3' and it expected to return to 'Persona 5'.

Since there are new game modes, there are also new game weapons. According to Megamitensei Wikia, the characters will now be able to use both melee and ranged weapons.

There will be 4 main characters in the game but the main characters is the Phantom, who likes to wear a bird mask, and uses knives and pistols. The Phantom has that elegance which makes him like a classier version of Lupin.

Ryuji Sakamoto who joins the protagonist in his heists. Ryuji wears a skull mask and wields shotguns and bludgeoning weapons.

Another character is Ryuji Sakamoto who likes wearing skull masks and likes to use shotguns and bludgeoning weapons. Then there's Anne Takamaki, a blonde girl, who's also a classmate of 'Phantom'. She likes wearing a cat mask and likes using whips and machine guns.

And there's my favorite, Morgana (the cat) who is a shape shifter who met Phantom at the beginning of the game. Morgana is not just there to be cute, this kitty is a badass, she can wield swords and slingshots. She has a very important role in Persona 5 because of her connection to the Seven Deadly Sins.

Other characters are Igor and the Twin Assistants, the owner of the military shop (Iwai Munehisa), and the owner of the Takeme Medical Clinic (Tae Takemi).

For now, you can watch the official trailer of Persona 5 here:

The release date for Persona 5 will be this year, although no official date has been announced. It is rumored that Persona 5 release date will be revealed on the upcoming SCEJA 2015, this coming September.



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