Persona 5 Release Date, News, and Updates: Persona 5 Is Going To Better Than the Previous Personas

By Princess Love

Definitely, Persona 5 is one of the most anticipated games of this year, knowing that this game was developed with total focus; it is not a shock to see its visually enticing trailer. We all know that Atlus only worked on Persona 5 most recently.

Here's the latest on Persona 5 release date, news, and updates.

The talk of the gaming world most recently is the brand new game play teaser for Persona 5 which has literally took over social media and gamins forums most recently. We know that Persona 5 is still in development in Atlus, however--thanks to the Feb 5 streaming and concerts--we now have the trailer for this beauty and now game plays which is awesome.

However, people still don't know what Atlus has to provide PlayStation 4, but people are really loving on this game, certainly there's a lot of curiosity surrounding it. But thank heavens, we now have the game play the curiosity of the fans are now mildly quenched, and the trailer didn't disappoint, 2- minute grandeur is enough for now, which includes 5 footage in it.

It is obvious that this game is leaping bounds when it comes to graphics; it is truly an eye candy - if you're a gamer at least. Everything about this game looks uh-mah-zing on PS4 and I just can't wait. What makes fans more excited is the fact that the trailer includes the soundtrack for the game, which has provided LSS (Last Song Syndrome) to its fans.

However, even with all these teasers, there's still no official release date for Persona 5 from Atlus. However they confirm that they are planning to release it before the end of 2015 both in Japan and North America.

Persona 5 is exclusive to Sony therefore only available on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4, is set to be released this 2015.

For now, feel free to watch the most recent gameplay released for Persona 5:

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