Pokémon News: Fail0verflow Got Pokémon to Run on PlayStation 4, Trading Card Games For 20th Anniversary, Updates

By Yumi Redfield

If somehow you manage to hack into the closed system of the PlayStation 4, what would be the first thing you’ll do? Run Pokémon, of course!

Recently, the brilliant hacking team of fail0verflow announced that they were able to hack into the PlayStation 4’s system through their web browser and successfully install the full version of Linux. In their demonstration of the unlocked PlayStation 4, the fail0verflow team demonstrated how they were able to successfully run a modified version of a Pokémon game.

There is one caveat to their achievement though: the hack that fail0verflow created was only achieved on an older version (1.76) of the PlayStation 4. Also, the hacking team have yet to release the tools they used to successfully hack the PlayStation 4.

Other than eventually being able to play Pokémon on your hacked PlayStation 4, there have been updates regarding the events that The Pokémon Company has planned for their 20th anniversary this year.

There have been news that The Pokémon Company is planning to re-release the original Pokémon trading card game starter pack in time for their 20th anniversary this year.

It will still be a bit of a wait since The Pokémon Company is not planning to release the original Pokémon trading card game until February 27. It will be on sale for only 1,300 yen (roughly around $11).

The Pokémon trading card game will include 60 cards, along with a manual, and a Pokémon TCG coin. The Pokémon Company will also be releasing card shields for only 715 yen (around $6) and a Pokémon play mat which will be sold for 5,000 yen (around $42).

As amazing as the news is, the sad thing about it is that there’s no confirmed announcement if The Pokémon Company will be releasing the original Pokémon trading card game outside of Japan. There’s still roughly two months before the scheduled release of The Pokémon trading card game, so hopefully we’ll get confirmation that it will be released worldwide before then.

The Pokémon Company has also previously announced that as part of their 20 year anniversary plan, they will be releasing the original Pokémon games – Red, Blue, Yellow, Green – for the Nintendo 2DS systems in Japan. Internationally, Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow will be available at the Nintendo eShop.

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