Pokemon Z Release Date, News and Update: Pokemon GO and Pokemon Z to Come out Together!?

By Chrix

Game Freak and The Pokémon Company has not release any official information about "Pokémon Z," but speculations say that the game will be release together with "Pokemon GO"

Here's the latest on Pokemon Z Release Date, News and Update.

CoroCoro magazine unveiled several images showcasing different forms of Zygarde. The character is reported to be a combination of "Pokémon X"character Xernaes and Yveltal from "Pokémon Y."

Little is known about "Pokémon Z" aside from the gamers' speculations that Game Freak will develop the game. The magazine also revealed that Zygarde could be a very powerful Pokémon that has five various forms such as his Cell form that has no awareness of its own.

Previous rumors claimed that the follow-up to the 2013-released "Pokémon X" and "Pokémon Y" role-playing games will come out during the first quarter of 2016 even if the game studio has yet to announce the game's development. But as the game developer is still mum about the game, new speculations claim that "Pokémon Z" will come out in the latter part of 2016.

Pokemon GO has been announced at the beginning of December 2015 and the fans can wait to play it in public, on their Android or iOS smartphones, which will be connected to a wearable device called Pokemon Go Plus (developed by Nintendo) and which notifies the users when a Pokemon is in the area. Pokemon Z will be a sequel to Pokemon X and Y, but Nintendo hasn't announced anything about when it will be released.

Pokemon GO will be played by those who like to trade Pokemon, in order to diversify or complete their collection. There are events for these types of trades, but they're organized occasionally and the players don't want to wait that long.

There are many types of Pokemon "monsters" living in different regions and the players who have water Pokemon (living near water) can trade it with another one living in a cave, for example.

In our previous report, Fans of the Pokemon series should expect a whole new bunch of information about the future of the franchise but many have speculated that if Pokemon Z were to happen it won't be release this year.

There are speculations around the Internet that a new character will be in the new games and this is the legendary Zygrade. Zygrade is apparently a combination of Xerneas from "Pokemon X" and Yvetal from "Pokemon Y."



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