Prayer movement grows after white Christians kneel in repentance before black Christians for racism

By The Christian Post

Christian rapper Bobby “Tre9” Herring (kneeling in red and white cap) and other white Christians repent of racism before black Christians. | Screenshot/Facebook

A multi-racial Houston prayer group called Praytest, started by white Christian rapper Bobby “Tre9” Herring, is now emerging as a movement among Christians nationwide after a video of white Christians kneeling in repentance for racism before a group of black believers went viral.

The viral video recorded at the Cuney Homes, a public housing complex in the Third Ward area of Houston, where George Floyd grew up, shows Herring leading the group of white Christians in prayer before the black group, led by Johnny D. Gentry, founder and senior pastor of Free Indeed Church.

The meeting took place just days after Floyd, a 46-year-old African American man, was shown on eyewitness video dying in the custody of Minneapolis police officers with the knee of white officer Derek Chauvin pressed into his neck. His death has sparked protest calling for justice and police reform nationwide.

Source:The Christian Post