Prayer Vigil to be Held in Front of White House Calling for the Release of Pastor Saeed Abedini and Support of Religious Freedom

By ImageofGod

Pastor Saeed, an American citizen, is serving an 8 year prison sentence in a brutal Iranian prison for his Christian faith.

The Prayer Vigil will be held on Thursday, September 26, at 2:00 p.m. in front of the White House on the closed portion of Pennsylvania Ave. NW across from Lafayette Park.

September 26, marks the one year anniversary of Pastor Saeed being imprisoned in Iran.  The prayer vigil is one of 75 being held in America and 13 countries around the world.

There will be a news conference beginning at 2:00 p.m. before the prayer vigil featuring members of Congress, faith leaders and Jordan Sekulow who is the Executive Director of the American Center for Law and Justice.

The American Center for Law and Justice is representing both Pastor Saeed and his wife Naghmeh.

The prayer vigil is being organized by the Christian Defense Coalition working with Naghmeh Abedini.

Rev. Patrick J. Mahoney, Director of the Christian Coalition, comments;

    "We can never be silent when it comes to speaking up for religious freedom and the persecuted church around the world.  September 26, marks the one year anniversary of Pastor Saeed being held in a brutal Iranian prison for his Christian faith.

    "No person, whatever their faith tradition is, should face violence or intimidation because of what they believe.  It is important that we make a powerful statement saying, 'Christianity is not a crime.'

    "As we gather as a witness for justice and human rights in front of the White House, we will be asking President Obama to personally and publicly call for the release of Pastor Saeed and reach out to his family in support and encouragement.  The silence of the President on this issue has not helped Pastor Saeed or the cause of religious freedom worldwide.

    "Finally, we believe that prayer can shift and shape history. As people gather around the world to pray for Pastor Saeed and the persecuted church, we know that a sovereign God will intervene and bring freedom, justice and healing."

For more information or interviews call:
Rev. Patrick Mahoney at 540.538.4741


@ 2013 Christian Defense Coalition

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