Pro-lifers slam FX documentary's claim Jane Roe was paid to be pro-life: 'She was sincere'

By The Christian Post

Norma McCorvey of Dallas, Texas (R), the "Roe" in the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case, testifies before the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee along with Sandra Cano of Atlanta, Georgia, the "Doe" in the Doe v. Bolton Supreme Court case, on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC June 23, 2005. | (Photo: REUTERS/Shaun Heasley)

Pro-life activists, some of whom have known Norma McCorvey for many years, are rejecting a new documentary’s claim that the woman behind the landmark Supreme Court abortion case Roe v. Wade was paid later in life to promote anti-abortion views.

FX on Hulu will officially release a documentary on Friday titled “AKA Jane Roe." The documentary features a 2017 interview of the famed woman behind the 1973 decision near the end of her life. 

A major point of controversy for the documentary is the claim that McCorvey famously went from being an advocate for abortion rights to becoming a pro-life activist in the 1990s only because she was paid.

Source:The Christian Post