PS4 Vs Xbox One: Over 2 Million Consoles Sold Microsoft And Sony Go Head To Head In Hardware Specs And Sales As Holiday Season Nears

By Joseph Dilinger

With the latest in next generation gaming hardware released last month , Sony's PS4 and Microsoft's Xbox One, and with over 2 million consoles sold each the competition for number one console is still neck and neck.  Which console is the best for this Holiday season's shopping cart?

The PS4 hit 2 million console sales last week and Xbox One reached that many this week, one has to wonder which one is the best for the pickings?  Well it depends on many variables.  The first one may be price for most people as there are many family members and friends we need to think about. 

The obvious winner in this is the PS4 with a price tag of $399 to Xbox One's $499.  Keep in mind the Xbox comes with the Kinect 2 that allows for voice and motion control of the system.  As well as the fact that games, bundles, extra controllers, and online gaming is not factored in (as I'm sure you'll be buying the system to play them.)

Next up is the hardware.  Both systems contain almost identical hardware with a few exceptions to the case.  The PS4 contains more dedicated memory to the gaming experience, whereas the Xbox One seeks to be the supercomputer in your living room (more universally used memory)  So each comes with its advantage depending on what you want the console to be used for. 

Here is a table to represent what I mean:

Honestly speaking we can't always just look at the hardware, let me illustrate.  Most games will be cross platform, so it will be up to the developers if they want to make an exclusive game to the console, or if they want to make more money and make a game that uses the least common denominator, or Xbox One as the basis for the max processing and performance for the game content.  So we can't always take into account the better processing and hardware specs for the systems.

So next we'll look at the console sales (this is for all of you internet gamers.)  The consoles are almost neck and neck going into the holiday season with both reaching over 2million sales already, so a variety of players are expected to have access, and thereby more likely to join the gaming community for either console.  Also for you media streamers, oddly enough, even though the Xbox One is meant more for home entertainment purposes you will have to buy the membership in order to stream media from companies like Netflix, whereas the PS4 will be free in this area.

It is a toss-up, and in my opinion both are neck in neck, but some key victories for PS4 is it's unbeatable price, $100 cheaper than Xbox One, its dedicated gaming memory.  Some key victories for the Xbox One will be the included Kinect 2 and the universality of its entertainment qualities. 



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