Quadriplegic Texas man dies after hospital stops treatments against wife's wishes

By The Christian Post

Unsplash/Daan Stevens

The wife of a recently passed quadriplegic Texas man with brain damage claims that her husband died after a local hospital and court-appointed guardian agreed to stop life-saving treatment against her wishes. The hospital contends that it was not medically possible to save her husband. 

The death of 46-year-old Michael Hickson at St. David's South Austin Medical Center on June 11 has raised questions about what “quality of life” means and has raised concerns from disability rights activists even though Hickson’s family members had differing opinions of their loved one’s outlook.

Melissa Hickson, Michael’s wife, has turned to the internet and media to raise attention over what she believes to have been an unjust course of action taken by the hospital with approval of a court-appointed legal guardian, Family Eldercare. 

Source:The Christian Post