Ravi Zacharias’ daughter Naomi pays tribute to her father, shares ‘How Great Thou Art’ performance

By The Christian Post

Naomi Zacharias shares a tribute to her father, 2020 | Screenshot: Instagram/Ravi Zacharias

Naomi Zacharias taped a video tribute to her father, world-renown apologist Ravi Zacharias, just days before the family announced that no other treatment options are available for the minister's advanced stage of cancer. 

In the heartfelt message, Naomi, who serves as the director of Wellspring International, sported a hat with the message: “I love my dad.” 

“I'm in more casual attire today, primarily because I am proud to let you know that I do love my dad very much,” she said in the video tribute that's now posted on Zacharias' Instagram page. 

Source:The Christian Post