Retired police captain David Dorn killed protecting friend’s pawn shop from looters

By The Christian Post

The late David Dorn. | Twitter/ Donald Trump

A retired 77-year-old St. Louis police captain, who spent 38 years protecting his community, was shot dead by looters as he tried to defend a friend’s pawn shop amid violent protests Tuesday over the death of George Floyd.

The former police captain, identified as David Dorn, was killed outside of Lee's Pawn and Jewelry store in the 4100 block of Martin Luther King Drive around 2:30 a.m., police told KMOV4. Graphic video posted on social media shows Dorn’s final moments outside, which were reportedly streamed on Facebook Live. An unidentified man in the video says Dorn was killed by looters over television sets.

“Call the law man! Call the ambulance man! Come on, they just killed this man over some TVs cuz!” the distressed man in a copy of the video posted on YouTube said. He could also be heard trying to encourage Dorn, who appears to be still alive at the start of the video, to “stay with me.”

Source:The Christian Post