Rev. Hector Hunter, Cuban General Superintendent Dies, But Lives To See Vision Realized

By Boaz Wadel

On Tuesday, April 29, Rev. Hector Hunter, general superintendent for the Cuba Assemblies of God for the past 14 years, died. Just weeks previous, Rev. Hunter was able to see one of his visions come true - the unification of a systematic Christian Education program in Cuba.

Rev. Hunter was involved in church leadership in Cuba for 28 years. He pastored four churches, and was member of the Cuba AG executive presbytery. He was the national leader of Christ's Ambassadors - the national youth department - before being elected to the post of general superintendent. His passion was the unity of the dynamic church he led.

During Rev. Hunter's leadership, the church in Cuba experienced phenomenal growth. Due to the constant need to disciple both new believers and pastoral candidates, the Cuban church has never been without Christian education. During all of the dramatic changes, the national church found ways to be innovative. With the growth of Cuba's national Christian education program and the added help of various international programs such as Master's College of Canada, The Latin America Advanced School of Theology (LAAST), Latin America Theological Seminary (LATS), and later Global University, Rev. Hunter's passion was to see all of these entities working together in harmony to sustain the God-given revival.  

Before Rev. Hunter died, he saw the birth of a Cuban National Commission for Education that tied all of the educational entities under strong Cuban leadership to carry the church into the future.  Now, every believer at whatever level they are has a means to grow and be equipped for the ministry. This was Rev. Hunter's passion and dream that he saw come true before he died.

One such example of the growth of these institutions is Global University, which is now able to provide a degree accredited in the USA for 3,000 Cuban ministers and lay workers. Referring to Brother Hunter's part in establishing Global University: "[Global University-] Cuba really was birthed out of his vision and leadership," says Dr. Gary Seevers, president of Global University.

In 2010, Rev. Hunter was instrumental in the launch of Global University-Cuba. He set a goal to see at least 3,000 Cuban ministers and lay workers enrolled in the program. The 3,000th student enrollment was recorded in mid April. "While we grieve the loss of Brother Hunter, we celebrate the fruition of one of his visions," says Seevers.

U.S. AG General Superintendent George O. Wood expressed his deepest appreciation and sympathy for the Hunter family. "The Assemblies of God greatly appreciated the ministry of Brother Hunter and his faithful service for the cause of Christ," Wood says. "Eternity will reveal the numerous lives changed for the kingdom of God and the Assemblies of God in Cuba with many of those years serving as its general superintendent. I consider him one of the great heroes of the Faith. He was God's man in God's time for the Assemblies of God in Cuba. He was a great leader in the World Assemblies of God as well."

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