Rev. Peter and Elizabeth Popoff Visit Ukrainian Orphanages, Commit to Help Meet Needs as Winter Approaches

By Ella Chan

Rev Peter Popoff and his team recently visited orphanages that his organization helped build and has supported for more than 20 years. He and his team were moved by the love for the Lord of both the staff and orphans he visited with. Upon hearing their of lack of basic needs he vowed to go above and beyond current support to help these 6 specific orphanages meet their basic needs so that they can continue to further the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

God is touching hurting people around the world... This is the opening line of Rev. Peter Popoff's worldwide television program and this summer the ministry's goal was to touch people and pray for Big Miracles, Big Blessings, and Big Breakthroughs in the lives of people across the world. Peter and his wife Elizabeth, along with their daughter Amy and her husband Justin McColgan, recently returned from a tour of Ukrainian orphanages, churches, and mission outreaches around the Ukraine, traveling thousands of miles in one week to see what God is doing in the previously communist country. With Ukrainian missionary, Bishop Slavik Radchuck from S.I.M. Ministries, leading their outreach mission, Peter and his team met with leaders and ministers to talk about the needs of the people of the Ukraine.

The orphaned children spent time talking with the ministry team members who gave the children benevolent gifts, listened to their stories, learned about their daily lives/needs, and heard them sing about Jesus in Ukrainian. These children have hearts of gold and have lived through the most difficult and tragic circumstances. Some were orphaned after being thrown away in trash dumpsters, left in the garbage, unfed, uncared for, or abused. Others had parents who were depressed, drunken, abusive, or immoral. Orphanages like "Nest" in Odessa and "Chance" Orphanage in Vinnitsa and "Happiness Family" in Rivne, take in the needy children and clothe them, feed them, house them, school them, and teach them about God. Support also goes to "Father's House" in Kiev and "Sweet Home" orphanage in the countryside.

Peter Popoff Ministries has supported and sponsored Ukrainian ministries for over 20 years. Rev. Popoff toured the country and preached the Gospel of Christ, many came to know the Lord. Thereafter, the ministry donated the funds for a bus to be purchased so that ministers could reach the country even more effectively. Still challenges persisted: Russian roads made it difficult to travel; most people did not have a Bible; and most were hungry for the Word of God. Today.

After visiting with the children and the director at an orphanage in Odessa, Ukraine, Pastors Peter and Elizabeth saw first-hand the desperate need for heating during the winter for this orphanage. Peter Popoff Ministries immediately responded to the need, committing to support them specifically for this purpose during the winter months. It is during the coldest time of year when the government threatens to shut the heat off if the bill is not paid, leaving the children in potentially life-threatening, below-freezing conditions.

Other orphanages asked for clothing, roofs, and heating. Heating is a consistent and fundamental necessity, because the temperatures dip regularly and dangerously below zero for many weeks in a row during winter. Another orphanage caring for over 30 children had a single play-swing in its yard. The remainder of the lot was barren, so all of the children crowd one another to use the one swing. The ministry will continue to pray and provide much-needed support for these children in the Ukraine, knowing God hears these prayers and will bless the children.

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