Review: Books Endeavor to Help Christians Understand Islam

By Boaz Wadel

The realization that the Muslim community is growing rapidly in the U.S., along with the impact of Islam on our daily life, has generated more fear among Christians than understanding. 
To take our calling in Christ to love our neighbor seriously, we need resources to understand our neighbor - especially the Muslim ones. Two recent books, written for the beginner, will introduce readers to the timeless issues that haunt our personal encounters with Muslims.

Josh McDowell and Jim Walker.Understanding Islam and Christianity. Eugene, Ore.: Harvest House Publishers, 2013. 304 pages, $14.99.In "Understanding Islam and Christianity: Beliefs That Separate Us and How to Talk About Them," well-known apologist author Josh McDowell and Jim Walker, a Christian experienced in Islamic ministry, seek to equip readers with answers to the typical questions (and misconceptions) Muslims have of Christian doctrines of the Trinity, Son of God, atonement, crucifixion and reliability of the New Testament.
Reading their chapters on the Trinity reminded me of how little progress we have made in our debates with Muslims. The very first known treatise written by Christians in response to Islam - in Arabic, around 755 A.D. - defended the triune nature of God. And yet, successive generations of Muslims continue to ask: "How can the Father be God and Jesus be God?" "Why would God dishonor his Son and let him die such a horrible death for someone else's sins?" "How can we believe the story of Jesus if the Bible is corrupted?" 


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